Future-Funded Ministry™ Plan

As a ministry leader, you probably know that retirement plans are not as simple as they used to be. Sure, we're still putting money aside for "the day the paycheck stops, but the call to ministry remains", but new IRS regulations and other issues have complicated the retirement plan landscape in recent years.

Rest assured, at Envoy, we've been helping organizations with retirement plans since 1991. Our team of financial professionals understands ministries, the law, and the role retirement plans play in your overall benefits package. We also understand the biblical perspective on financial stewardship, your fiduciary responsibilities, the need for wise financial counsel, and people's general lack of understanding (and fear) regarding financial planning.

Our ministry is to serve your ministry and provide trusted advice to you and your employees. From plan design considerations to financial counsel to pre-filled paperwork and on-going administration, our team will work with you to implement a plan that suits your needs, enroll your staff into the plan, and then provide on-going service to you and your staff.

We help faith-based organizations implement "Future-Funded Ministry Plans" (Retirement Plans) so that their employees will be free to serve wherever God leads them in their later years. We are privileged to serve over 650 ministry organizations representing over 8000 employees in 49 states and 60 foreign countries.

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