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403(b) Retirement Plan Information
Future-Funded Ministry 

Welcome to your retirement plan help page.  The information is divided into the following sections:


Christian Perspective on Retirement:

Click here to read about retirement from a Christian perspective


Plan Overview

There are four tools available to you about your retirement plan:

    1. Redefine Retirement book.  This book is available from your employer.  The Redefine Retirement book includes the following:
      1. Redefine Retirement Enrollment Book - Education Pages (PDF)
      2. Retirement Plan Enrollment Book - Fund pages (PDF)
      3. Summary Plan Description (PDF)
    2. Retirement Plan Presentation (Flash presentation)
    3. Roth Presentation (Flash presentation)
    4. Asset Management Resources:
      1. CLS Plan Participant Brochure (PDF)
      2. Meeder Financial MAP Brochure (PDF)


Enrolling into the Plan

This is a simple process.  Take the following four steps to complete your enrollment process:

    1. Watch the Retirement Plan Enrollment Presentation
    2. Complete the Investor Profile and Questionnaire contained in the Education Pages section of the Redefine Retirement book
    3. Schedule an enrollment phone appointment with Envoy.  You can schedule this by calling (888) 879-1376, option 1 Monday - Thursday 8:00am - 5:00pm and Friday 8:00am - 11:00am.  Please have the following available for your appointment:
      1. Copy of your last pay stub
      2. Copy of all your retirement account statements
      3. Copy of your Social Security Statement of Earnings
      4. Risk Questionnaire answers from Redefine Retirement book
      5. The name of the person(s) you desire to be your beneficiary
    4. After the scheduled phone appointment is completed, the paperwork will be prepared and electronically delivered to you for electronic signature.  



Use the following links to access a variety of forms and links:

Plan Sponsor: Click here to add participants, access plan administration information, etc.

Plan Participant: Click here to change your investment amount, update beneficiaries, change contact information, etc.


Contact information:


Phone: (888) 879-1376, option 1

Skype: envoyfinancial


We look forward to serving you and all your financial stewardship needs.

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